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  The Heavens Fall to Earth
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-05-25 16:18 UTC - Forum: Tales from Cascade City - No Replies

Play-by-Post game run by yours truly on Myth-Weavers:


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Star Cortex Prime Mechanics
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-04-29 03:42 UTC - Forum: Tales from Cascade City - Replies (3)

Player Characters

The prime sets in Tales of Cascade City are Virtues and Attributes.

The Five Virtues are based on the Confucian virtues expected of knights-errant in wuxia stories, and on the superheroic values from the Cortex Prime SRD.

They are:

  • Charity - Actions motivated by compassion and generosity toward strangers.
  • Loyalty - Actions motivated by love and/or obligation to specific people or institutions.
  • Recourse - Actions motivated by retaliation for injustices (or insults) committed by another.
  • Glory - Actions motivated by the desire for recognition, or for great accomplishments even if unknown.
  • Power - Actions motivated by the desire for wealth, authority, or self-improvement.

Each Virtue has a Statement associated with it that refines the character's relationship with that Virtue.

Whenever a character attempts something especially difficult or dangerous that is perfectly aligned with the Statement of the Virtue they are rolling, they may double their Virtue for that roll or add a d8 to their pool, player's choice. This championing their Virtue. Make a record of the number of times you champion each Virtue.

Whenever a character attempts an action that directly contradicts any of their Statements (regardless of the Virtue they are rolling), they add a d4 to their roll. This is called challenging their Virtue. Make a record of the number of times you challenge each Virtue.

Championing and Challenging Virtues leads to characters possibly changing their Statements, changing the ratings of their Virtues... and contributing to character advancement somehow.

The Attributes are the very traditional RPG way we describe a character's physical and mental capabilities.

They are:
  • Physique - physical strength and endurance
  • Agility - reflexes and motor control
  • Intellect - logic, memory, and perception
  • Self-Discipline - self control, resistance to outside influences, concentration
  • Conviction - self-confidence, charisma, and motivating willpower

Attributes are boring. Moving on.

The main optional set is Distinctions. Distinctions function similarly to Distinctions in other Cortex games except that they also include much of a character's talents-- they double as Skills/Specialties, and players may choose up to two Distinctions for each dice pool without spending a Plot Point.

(So the ideal dice pool is Value + Attribute + Distinction 1 + Distinction 2)

Distinctions also double as Power Sets, even though most Distinctions will not have any powers. Each Distinction has its own SFX and Limits.

Unlike other heroic Cortex games, Powers are rarely rolled in die pools. Power ratings are normally used to modify the effects of their associated SFX, and to give guidelines on what characters with that power are capable of.

The final optional "sets" are Weapon and Momentum.

Weapon functions almost exactly like Cortex Prime, except that a Weapon's rating also inflicts extra Stress: if the attack deals greater Stress than the rating, the opponent takes the weapon's rating as a second hit. If the attack deals less than the weapon's rating, step it up by one.

Finally, there's Momentum. Momentum is a temporary resource used only in combat, that allows characters to enhance their attacks and defenses, and to perform various special maneuvers in combat. Generally, a Move has a minimum die rating before it can be performed. Special Moves step Momentum back, while Super Moves consume it entirely.

When a player rolls an offensive action or a reaction against an offensive action in combat, they keep a second Effect Die for Momentum. Definition of "offensive action" shall be discussed at the table. Most Complications should qualify, and some Advantages.

On a successful attack or offensive combat maneuver:
  • If the Momentum Effect Die is bigger than Momentum, replace Momentum.
  • If the Momentum Effect Die is smaller than Momentum, step Momentum up.

On a failed attack (or a successful reaction) if the Momentum Effect Die is bigger than Momentum, step Momentum up.

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  What is Shroompunk?
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-04-24 14:53 UTC - Forum: Shroompunk - No Replies

Shroompunk is a standalone game using the Sellswords & Godwars (or Barbarians of Lemuria) rules in a brutal, psychdelic Sword & Sorcery setting based on equal parts Conan the BarbarianHeavy Metal magazine, and Nintendo Power. Turtle-knights joust in mid-air from the backs of giant birds, while muscle-clad barbarians trade fireballs with carnivorous plants in the Warp Pipes that interconnect all of the Nine Worlds. A thousand years of peace and prosperity ended abruptly, almost twenty years ago, and a generation of heroes has arisen who only know the lure of easy coin and the song of the flashing blade.

Shroompunk will involve extensive changes to the Archetypes system of Sellswords & Godwars: all-new, all-different Occupations, all-new Ancestries (only the Human remains from core), entirely different magical Spheres and Circles, and so forth.

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  Game Modes
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-04-23 15:34 UTC - Forum: Sellswords & Godwars - Replies (2)

One thing I am considering is the inclusion of different "game modes" (optional rules) in the core rulebook to reflect different rules environments. These would modify the function of Archetypes and the rate at which feats are awarded.

Standard Mode, the default rules:
1 Primary Ancestry and 1 Primary Occupation; can replace one Primary with two Secondary.
1 secondary Bloodline can be purchased by Feat
1 Feat every odd level
1 bonus Feat every sixth level, selected from Archetype with least Feats.

Classic Mode: I am considering either Standard or Classic for Galactic Dragons.
1 Primary Archetype, either Ancestry or Occupation (race-as-class)
Up to 1 Secondary Archetype purchased by Feat
1 Feat every odd level

Gestalt Mode:
1 Primary Ancestry, 1 Primary Occupation, 2 Secondary Archetypes (Occupational/Bloodline)
1 Feat each from Ancestry and Primary Occupation every odd level (ASIs and Categories do not stack)
1 Feat from each Secondary Archetypes every fourth level (ASIs and Categories do not stack)

Barbarian Mode: I am thinking this would be perfect for Shroompunk.
1 Primary Ancestry, 4 Secondary Occupations (Barbarian Mode Occupations are narrower)
Additional Secondary Occupations can be purchased for 1 Feat each.
2 Occupational Feats every at 2nd level, 6th level, and every four levels thereafter.
1 Ancestral Feat and 1 Occupational Feat every fourth level.

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  What is Sellswords & Godwars?
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-04-23 14:48 UTC - Forum: Sellswords & Godwars - No Replies

Sellswords & Godwars: Old School Player's Options in Fantasy Roleplaying is my own foray into the OSR community, attempting to emulate-- very loosely-- the character customization possible with the Player's Option supplements and with other late '90s (and early '00s) roleplaying games that inspired them.

It does this by taking the SRD rules-- the PFSRD and the SRD 5.1-- and converting all of the automatic class bonuses (proficiency, BAB, saves, spells per day) into Category Bonuses (based on archetypes and feats) and converting the bulk of the class/race features into feats.

If it sounds like feats do a lot of heavy lifting, you are correct: these are big, juicy 5e feats, that also provide Ability Score Increases and, as mentioned, Category Bonuses and Class/Race features.

Characters get a number of "talents"-- feats without ASIs or category bonuses-- at 1st level from each of their Archetypes, their Ancestry and one or more Occupations, plus one Feat at each odd level including 1st. Every 4th, characters get a bonus feat drawn from whichever Archetype has fewest. This allows them to build their character to match their concept at a much earlier level.

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  Forum Rules
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-04-22 20:49 UTC - Forum: Announcements & Proclamations - No Replies

These forums are for having fun. They're for helping other people have fun, and for asking people to help you have fun.

They are not for grinding your sociopolitical axes, regardless of what they are or if I agree with them.

And they are not for your gatekeeping bullshit.

Treats the other posters with hospitality and respect, or else.

Recognizes that games & playstyles you do not personally enjoy, and the gamers who do enjoy them, are legitimate roleplaying games and forms of entertainment, or else.

Refrains from tribalist exclusionary bullshit, in all of its myriad varieties, or else. Unless people are using these forums to hurt other people and exclude them from gaming spaces, they are welcome here-- and people who try to change that will not be.

And, finally, don't fucking jam me up with law enforcement. No copyright infringement, no illegal commerce, no pornography of any kind, no discussion of real-life means of acquiring the same. The internet is full of web services designed to make finding these things easy without endangering my livelihood.

All you need to stay out of trouble here are a little bit of common courtesy and a little bit of common sense.

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  Alpha Design Documents
Posted by: FaerieGodfather - 2018-04-22 19:14 UTC - Forum: Sellswords & Godwars - No Replies

These are the white pages for Sellswords & Godwars, explaining how the core systems work and interact with each other.

There are six of them:

  1. Core Systems
  2. Combat
  3. Magic
  4. Proficiencies & Feats
  5. Archetypes: Ancestries & Occupations
  6. Bestiary

Attached Files
.pdf   Sellswords & Godwars Alpha - Core Systems 2018-04-19.pdf (Size: 280.42 KB / Downloads: 5)
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