FaerieGodfather’s RPG Site

This is the personal website of aspiring author and game designer Viktyr C Gehrig. It contains various unofficial modifications to tabletop rpgs– the “homebrews, house rules, and hacks” in the description– plus semi-official works in progress, and will eventually contain all of the Open Game Content published by FaerieGodfather Games.


Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether

This semi-OSR game is a love letter to 90’s fantasy roleplaying, featuring a class-and-level based system with simple, powerful customization options. The setting of Galactic Dragons combines traditional fantasy with space fantasy and Asian fantasy, as crews of wandering mercenaries drift from planet to planet on steam-powered faster-than-light dirigibles.


Tales from Cascade City

Combining urban fantasy with wuxia and conspiracy thriller, Tales from Cascade City runs every other Sunday on the DarkMyst IRC network using the Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition rules. Martial artists and sorcerers live and die on the fringes of 21st century civilization, in the back streets and abandoned warehouses of beautiful Cascade City, California.


AD&D Style House Rules for 3.X/Pathfinder

These represent my efforts to both simplify the d20 System rules and to revert some of its design assumptions back to the TSR era. They also include some rules going the other direction, ramping up the frequency of Ability Score Increases and incorporating parts of the 5e rules.


Player’s Option House Rules

Some house rules for AD&D itself, mostly attempting to spice it up by incorporating more 1e and PO material and shuffling the race/class restrictions around for more variety.


Barbarians of Fight!

Adapting some of the combat mechanics from Fight! the Fighting Game RPG into Barbarians of Lemuria for more martial arts oriented games.