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“We make the games nobody else wants to play, so that nobody else has to.”

This is the official website of author and game designer Viktyr C Gehrig, who self-published games under the nom de plume FaerieGodfather. Here, you’ll find all kinds of information– official and otherwise– about Viktyr’s writing and gaming projects, including the Sellswords & Godwars quasi-retroclone and the Shroompunk setting.

Sellswords & Godwars: Player’s Options for Fantasy Roleplaying
Designed to appeal to fans of late ’90s fantasy roleplaying and endless customization, Sellswords & Godwars uses the core mechanics of the d20 System to allow players to build their characters much more flexibly while retaining the structure of a class-and-level system.
Sword & Sorcery fantasy at its most brutal… and its most surreal. Shroompunk is a campaign setting for Sellswords & Godwars that combines hard-hitting barbarian fantasy with the bizarre, dreamlike reality of ’80s and ’90s videogames and fantasy comics magazines.
Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestial Aether
Based on the upcoming Galactic Dragons series of novels, Galactic Dragons: Immortal Heroes of the Celestal Aether uses the Sellswords & Godwars rules to enable players to take on the roles of gunslingers and warlocks seeking their fortunes under wandering stars.