AD&D Style House Rules for 3.X/Pathfinder

AD&D Style House Rules for 3.X/Pathfinder

Like many gamers my age, I started roleplaying with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in the early Nineties– in my particular case, I started with the First Edition of the game and didn’t understand why my copy of the core rulebooks didn’t include the Assassin and Monk classes. I devoured the PHBRs and then the Player’s Option series, and then– like many gamers my age– abandoned AD&D almost entirely upon the publication of Third Edition.

I played and enjoyed Third Edition for several years, but over time, a realization grew on me: it didn’t play very much like the D&D I grew up with at all, and the source of almost every complaint I had about the system was the differences between it and AD&D. (The Paizo forums certainly helped me reach this conclusion, with their vocal disdain for D&D’s roots.)

So my overall goal with this project is to take the underlying structure of the d20 System and take what is good about WotC/Paizo D&D and build a much lighter oldschool system on top of it.

Some specific rules variants and design goals I’m looking to implement:

  • Broader PC competence outside combat
  • Simplified skill rules
  • Simplified bookkeeping
  • AD&D-style multiclassing