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Lots of game companies focus on fantasy games. FaerieGodfather Games specializes in weird fantasy: not just taking fantasy out of an anachronistic mish-mash of Europe, but combining disparate subgenres of fantasy with eachother and with other genres of adventure fiction to create whole new experiences.

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FaerieGodfather’s Official Projects

Sellswords & Godwars – an OSR dedicated to the State of the Art in the late ’90s, emulating a hybrid of the Player’s Option series, Iron Crown Enterprises’ Middle Earth Roleplaying, and the Palladium system.

Shroompunk – Sword & Sorcery at its most brutal and most surreal, Shroompunk blends traditional low fantasy with the high magic and just plain weirdness of classic video games and heavy metal artwork. Dual-statted in Sellswords & Godwars and Barbarians of Lemuria.

Galactic Dragons – Steam-powered faster-than-light dirigible spaceships carry gunslingers and warlocks to their destinies in Wildspace as the grasp of the newborn Republics encroaches upon the final frontiers. A setting for Sellswords & Godwars.

Tales from Cascade City – The eponymous Cascade City is the heart of the jianghu— the criminal underworld of fighters, magicians, and aliens– on Earth, but when the White Martians descend from the sky in ships of glass, spitting gouts of emerald fire… will bands of outlaws and misfits be enough to turn the tide? Using the Cortex Prime rules, coming soon from Magic Vacuum Design Studios.