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Lots of game companies focus on fantasy games. FaerieGodfather Games specializes in weird fantasy: not just taking fantasy out of an anachronistic mish-mash of Europe, but combining disparate subgenres of fantasy with eachother and with other genres of adventure fiction to create whole new experiences.

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FaerieGodfather’s Official Projects

Sellswords & Godwars – an OSR dedicated to the State of the Art in the late ’90s, emulating a hybrid of the Player’s Option series, Iron Crown Enterprises’ Middle Earth Roleplaying, and the Palladium system.

Galactic Dragons – Steam-powered faster-than-light dirigible spaceships carry gunslingers and warlocks to their destinies in Wildspace as the grasp of the newborn Republics encroaches upon the final frontiers. A setting for Sellswords & Godwars.