About the FaerieGodfather

FaerieGodfather is the nom de plume of author and game designer Viktyr C Gehrig (mind the spelling), who will one day be known best for his daring and original genre-bending fantasy fiction. Viktyr is a long time tabletop gamer, having started with AD&D First Edition and Gamma World 2nd Edition in 1993, and progressing through succeeding versions of D&D and other games until the present day– where his favorite games are Cortex Prime, Barbarians of Lemuria, and AD&D Player’s Option.

Viktyr lives in Wyoming, splitting his time between Laramie and Cheyenne. He is severely mentally ill and physically disabled, but he’s hoping his writing can allow him to become a productive member of society again. Viktyr is a devout √Āsatru heathen who is oathsworn to the Wolf Tree Kindred in Laramie, Wyoming.